E-Green Events


Off season Sripada Wandana

we were there the last october(25-26).Took the Rathnapura road up and came down via the famous Hatton route.It was our 1st hike to siripada mountain.during the off season the siripada was very much peaceful ,strong wind and thick mist....

Kanneliya forest

On 29th august morning, we left home and arrived horana around 7am. Got the van and we arrived at 11.30am in kanneliya.The bio-diversity of Kanneliya is considered richer, even compared to the world heritage rain forest “sinharaja”. We enjoy walking forest and our guide says lot of important thing just we don’t know about the forest. End of kanneliya walking all our members bathing in the river. It’s so cool water and we get more fun. It is a nice place to visit.

E-Green Anniversary

As E-green celebrated first anniversary, we took this opportunity to thank everyone for helping us succeed. Anniversary was conducted in our office 07th, July. Once again, thank you for helping us make the past year so successful.

jurassic world

It is a really cool time for Egreen staff. We enjoy our free time to watch Jurassic world movie.


TADHack Global 2015 held at 13-14 June. This focus is helping developers discover the power of adding Telecom capabilities to apps, services and business processes. It was held concurrently across multiple locations. Lisbon ,Chicago ,Raleigh ,London ,Dublin ,Madrid ,New Delhi ,Colombo ,Jaffna ,Israel ,Istanbul, Bangladesh ,Melbourne ,Buenos Aires We can work on our ideas before the event, or generate ideas during the event from all the great networking opportunities. They’ll be running webinars on the development themes and providing developer resources before the event, so we had a chance to think up ideas beforehand.

Ice cream dansala

As a part of the Vesak celebrations, the staff of Egreen conducted an ice-cream dansala. The ice-cream dansala organised with the contributions from egreen staff was conducted for the first time. This meritorious gesture from the Egrenn staff was a pleasant treat for the thousands of the general public who were out on the said days to view the Vesak decorations along Bandaragama Road.

Siripada trip

This is our first Sri pada journey. We started from Panadura bus Station at 7.00 a.m. We decided to go with the bus Sri pada pilgrimage. Part of our team join Panadura and Horana. After we've reached in Ratnapura. We traveled palabaddala bus from the beginning of Sri pada. We entered to climb the Sri pada after worshiping & memorizing Saman Deviyo. We couldn’t see the “Ira Sewaya” because of existing bad weather condition. It was 5.30 p.m at Palabaddala with ending another “Siripa” journey.

Arcade independence square

We decide to expend our weekend. So we went Arcade independence Square today. It’s a very nice place. We took a lot of pictures and we walked everywhere. Very well maintain and very clean place it. Food was quite tasty. We enjoyed the whole day.


WSO2 hackaton

Cloud computing is increasingly gaining popularity as the preferred platform for developing and hosting applications. WSO2 will host the first coding social of its kind, WSO2 Hackthon 2014, to help programming enthusiasts develop skills in creating and implementing own brand of open source software in a cloud based environment. 20 teams competing for the championship title in WSO2 48-hour lock down Hackthon. We are one of them.

Mathara Trip

Actually, it was Egreen first journey by train to matara. We started our journey from Panadura Railway Station. At 8.30 a.m. When the train was stopped matara it’s so beautiful city but it is a busy, booming and sprawling commercial town.Matara’s main attractions are its ramparts, a well-preserved Dutch fort. Beautiful Beaches, the beaches are so quiet and the only noise you can hear is the waves bouncing off the rocks on the cliff some distance away.

Matara sits on the south coast of Sri Lanka at the terminus of the coastal railway line it’s about four hours from Colombo (one and a half from Galle) and on a good day train is a great way to travel as you get to see the best of the coast.